Darren CritchleyHello my name is Darren Critchley and this is my site about the Kettle Valley Railway. I’m a computer consultant who has an avid interest in local history. I have spent quite a few years touring various parts of the now abandoned Kettle Valley Railway.

The Kettle Valley Railway(KVR) is located in British Columbia. Canada. It originally ran from the Canadian Pacific mainline in Hope to the station at Midway. From Midway, the railway continued on to Grand Forks and was ran by the Great Northern Railroad. There were side lines that went from Spences Bridge to Merritt. Another line ran from the Brodie Wye to Princeton. Princeton also had a spur line that ran up to the copper mine at Copper Mountain, as well as connecting to the VV&E that went on to Spokane, which served the Hedley mine. The most famous part of the railway is the Myra Canyon, which was seen in the CBC movie, the National Dream. The second most famous part would be the Othello (Quintette) Tunnels.

I have been touring the KVR since about 1995 back when it was not yet an official cycling trail, back then, the government was still deciding what to do with the right of way. I have watched over the years as bits and pieces of the KVR slowly disappeared. Some of it from natural causes, some of it from construction and some of it from vandals.

I have enjoyed touring the old railway and have met quite a few people who both rode the rails and know plenty about it. This site has brought many an email to me with people offering up information and pictures, as well as people asking me for information on the railway.

Unfortunately, in the last few years I have not been out as much on the right of way and miss visiting the various sections.

Hoping to see you on the trail . . .


June 2012 – I have just released my first book, sorry, its not on the Kettle Valley Railway, it is about the Canadian Rockies. You can learn more about it by clicking on the book cover below:

A Week or Two in the Canadian Rockies

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