Osprey Lake

Osprey Lake - click for a larger imageThis is just a small trestle that passes over the top end of Osprey Lake. Osprey Lake is located on the old Summerland – Princeton road, about 40 kilometers from Princeton. It has a foresty camp site and is a great place to camp. I’ve not been here in a long time, but the fishing used to be pretty good.

Hand rails have been added to this bridge since I was here. The right of way actually crosses a part of the lake here. I have canoed under this bridge as we have spent a lot of time camping here and exploring.

About 5 kilometers west of here, there is another nice lake with a forestry site called Chain Lake. It’s been a long time since I camped there, we used to go often and it is one of the reasons I came across the Kettle Valley Railway. We were hunting for firewood and went up what we thought to be a forestry road and came across the right of way. Back then there were still out buildings on the side of the rail bed in places. In the years that followed, some active logging made use of the rail bed and many of the buildings were pushed over the edge of the rail bed. Sadly, other than Erris tunnel and one very tall steel bridge, there is little else in this area left.


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