Clapperton Area

Clapperton Tunnel - click for larger imageThis is the Clapperton Area. This is the first station after Spences Bridge. The station is long gone, and in fact none of these images are taken at Clapperton.

There is one very unique thing about the area though and it is this tunnel. It is the only one of its kind on the entire Kettle Valley Railway.  Rather than bracing the outer edges of the tunnel with wood, a stone mason has place elaborate rock around the tunnel. As tunnels go, it is a work of art!

The only other thing left of the railway in this are is the Nicola Bridge #8, which is a deck truss bridge. Here are some pictures of it

Click on an image to see a larger one.

Nicola Bridge #8 - Click for larger image Nicola Bridge #8 – Click for larger Nicola Bridge #8 - Click for larger image


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