Osoyoos Subdivision

Statistical Data

Operations started: 1923
Operations ended: 1973
Tracks removed: 1979
Lowest Elevation: 280 meters
Highest Elevation: 345 meters
Total Distance: 58.1 Kilometers


Osoyoos Subdivision Notes

This is a fairly easy section of the Kettle Valley Railway. This is a nice section of the Kettle Valley Railway, it leaves Penticton and follows the edge of Skaha Lake all the way down to Okanagan Falls. On this section you pass orchards and wine country. The section from Penticton to Okangan Falls, receives lots of traffic, but south of Okanagan Falls receives much less traffic.

There are only three stations left on this subdivision, the one in Penticton, the one in Oliver and the one in Osoyoos. Each of the stations has taken on a new purpose. In Osoyoos the relocated station is a yacht club. In Oliver it is a community center. In Penticton, I am not clear on what the business is, but the station is still being used for something.

Notable points of interest on this section of the Kettle Valley Railway would be the old hotel at Kaleden. Nothing to do with the KVR itself, but an immense concrete shell of an old hotel still stands with a commemorative plaque on it. There is also a nice restaurant across the street from it.

Stations along this section are Penticton, Skaha, Kaleden, Okanagan Falls, McIntyre, Oliver and Osoyoos.

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