Kettle Valley Railway Map

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Kettle Valley Railway Map

Kingsvale Quilchena/Nicola Brookmere Thalia Coalmont Princeton Erris Tunnel Osprey Lake Winslow Winslow West Summerland Brodie Wye Clapperton Tunnel Nicola Bridge #5 West Summerland Coquihalla Agate Kirton Crump Othello Tunnels Bridge to Odlum Osoyoos Subdivision Carmi Subdivision Copper Mountain Subdivision Princeton Subdivision Coquihalla Subdivision Nicola Subdivision Hope Station

When I started touring the Kettle Valley Railway in the late 90’s, much of the right of way was actually drivable by vehicle. In fact it was John White’s book Driving the Kettle Valley Railway that really got me started in the KVR. Back then, much of the right of way was used by ranchers and people used ATV’s on the right of way.
When the province took ownership, it was initially left abandoned and many buildings, trestles and tunnels were vandalized. Finally with some lobbying from recreation enthusiasts, it became a recreational corridor.
The rails to trails society spent much time and effort getting help and donations to turn much of the old right of way into a cycling trail. Today, the sections of the Kettle Valley Railway that have become part of the Trans Canada Trail have hand rails on all the trestles. The old water tower foundations have been turned into covered pit stops where cyclists can rest. The KVR is now part of a trail system that not only crosses the province of British Columbia, but also crosses the rest of Canada.

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