Copper Mountain Subdivision

Statistical Data

Operations started: 1920
Operations ended: 1957
Tracks removed: 1957
Lowest Elevation: 638 meters
Highest Elevation: 975 meters
Total Distance: 21.4 Kilometers

Copper Mountain Subdivision Notes

There is not a lot to say about this, the shortest subdivision on the Kettle Valley Railway. It was more of a spur line than a subdivision. It was built to service the mine.

There is very little left of this section, some concrete pilings in the Similkameen River is about the only thing one can spot. There was a wye here at one time, but a timber yard has pretty much erased any evidence of that.

The right of way can be seen climbing up the bank across the Similkameen River. There is little to see or do on this section as it is a spur line.

I have not gone up myself to see, but the old remains of the town site of Allenby can be found by taking the Copper Mountain Road from Princeton and turning onto the Allenby Road.

Stations on this subdivsion include Princeton, Allenby, and Copper Mountain.